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We use our own money so we make the decision. You do not have to wait on a loan committee or for us to “place” your loan with another investor.

 Our North & South Carolina Hard Money Loan Programs And How They Work…

Hard Money Rehab Loan:

This loan program is for investors who are looking to purchase and rehab a property. They may plan to flip the property once the property has been rehabbed or they may want to keep it as rental property. We will lend for the acquisition as well as the rehab cost. The rehab funds will be held in an escrow account and released as work is completed. Below are the terms for this rehab loan program.

Our Hard Money Rehab Loan Works Like This:

  • 1st Trust Deed/Mortgage Only
  • Minimum Loan Amount Is $50,000
  • Interest Only Payments
  • No Pre-payment Penalty
  • No Property Is Required To Get Approved
  • Approval In As Soon As 2-3 Days As Long As We Receive All Required Documents
  • 650 Credit Scores Are Typically Required To Qualify, However We Look At The Whole Picture
  • Closings In 30 Days, As Long As We Receive All Required Documentation And Appraisal Completion.
  • Financial Condition – Down Payment, Closing Costs, and 6 Months Reserves Required
  • Rural Properties Approved On A Case By Case Basis
  •  12 Month Builders Risk Insurance Premium Paid At Closing (Including Flood Insurance When Applicable)

Our Current Hard Money Rehab Loan Terms:

  • Rates Starting At 12%
  • Up To 65% LTV Of The ARV Appraisal
  • 6 To 12 Month Terms
  • 5 Points (1 Point = 1% Of The Loan Amount)
  • Total Closing Cost Typically Runs Around 8% Of The Loan Amount Which Includes Points
  • 2% Renewal Fee For Each Additional 3 Month Extension Upon Approval (Loan Must Be Current)
  • $200 Inspection Fee For Each Draw Request Inspection Performed

First We Approve The Applicant And Then We Approve The Property

 Applicant Requirements:

  • Applicant/Borrower Must Be A Valid Existing US Business Entity Like An LLC
  • No Individual Borrowers
  • Personal Guarantor Required (50% Or More Owners Of Entity Are Required To Be Personal Guarantors)
  • US Business Entities With Ownership By Foreign Nationals Are Permitted To Borrow
  • Properties titled in a trust require the lender as trustee and/or co-beneficiary.

Property Requirements:

  • Non-Owner Occupancy Only
  • Property Types – SFR, Duplexes, Triplexes, 4-plexes, DW Mobile Homes With Land
  • Clear Title Required
  • 1 Year Of Hazard Insurance Premium Paid At Closing (Including Flood Insurance When Applicable)
  • 3rd Party Independent Appraisals Ordered Internally
  • Must Use Lenders Choice Of Closing Agent Attorney
  • Loan To Value Cannot Exceed 70% And May Be Lower Based On Borrower Qualification
  • Lease Agreements And Rental History Required On All Subject Properties That Are Rented
  • Licensed Contractor Bids Required On All Repair Work Needed
  • No Seasoning Requirements On Refinances

 Once Your Loan Is Approved And Your Appraisal Is Back And You’re Cleared To Close, You Should Be Able To Close Within Five Business Days, Depending On The Closing Attorney’s Schedule, Of Course.

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